Our Strengths

What makes Cummins & Bonestroo Law Office, the best option for your legal needs?

  • Our team approach. Our team approach is threefold. We work with you to understand the big picture of what you truly want and need. We work with your financial advisor in order to gain their insight and expertise and to create comprehensive solutions that address your legal and financial goals. And finally, we work together within our firm, pooling our knowledge and experience so that we can create the best possible solution to your legal matter in the most efficient way.
  • We are responsive to our client's needs. Our clients are our priority. We work hard to provide excellent representation and effective solutions for our clients. We take a long view to our client's affairs, looking for the best possible resolution now and for their future. We listen to our clients and make sure our work is professionally completed and meets their needs.
  • We are licensed in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Because we can practice in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, we are able to better aid our many clients whose business and personal needs cross state lines. A client may live in one state and work in another, or may own property in both states, either of which presents distinct legal needs. Because we are licensed in both states, our clients reap the benefit and cost savings of having one law firm handle all of their legal needs. Instead of trying to orchestrate a solution across state lines, we can handle the needs of Minnesota and Wisconsin clients under one roof.
  • We are efficient and focused. Our attorneys have years of experience dedicated to our specific areas of expertise. This allows us to maintain a high level of excellence and to focus on giving our clients individual attention and comprehensive planning. We want you to be satisfied with the outcome so we make sure that our work addresses your needs from all angles. We craft customized solutions that address your individual priorities and goals. At Cummins & Bonestroo Law Office, our attorneys are ready to work with you to solve your legal issues.