Estate Planning

There are numerous benefits to creating a comprehensive estate plan. Advanced planning for the transfer of your assets ensures that your wishes are carried out. It also makes the transfer more efficient, less complicated and less costly. Our attorneys will meet with you for a free initial consultation for Estate Planning so that we can understand your needs and recommend options before you decide to work with us. The estate plan we ultimately prepare will be customized to your specific goals and your personal situation. If you have a trusted financial advisor, we will work with your advisor as a team to create a plan that is comprehensive and benefits from their experience and familiarity with your financial life.

Having a clear plan in place can also protect your loved ones from needless worry and expense. It can reduce transactional costs and allow you to avoid unnecessary tax liability. Our estate planning attorneys will work to ensure that your estate plan accomplishes your objectives and ensures that your wishes for the future are properly carried out.

Contact our attorneys at Cummins & Bonestroo Law Office in order set up a free consultation to discuss your estate planning needs. We have two convenient locations to serve you. Our Bayport, Minnesota office is just a few minutes east of the Twin Cities and west just of the Wisconsin border. We have experienced lawyers licensed in both Minnesota and Wisconsin to assist you in completing an estate plan that is appropriate for your need, whether you need a simple estate and incapacity plan, or more complex planning for a family business, or a large estate. Before your visit, you may wish to fill out our forms in order for our attorneys to better serve you.